Welfare and Diversity is a section which encompasses all students during their University experience. From promoting positive health and wellbeing to providing underrepresented students with a voice, the Welfare and Diversity section is here for you.

About Us

Welfare focuses on the general wellbeing of all students at Loughborough. Throughout your time here you may encounter a problem. This can be anything from homesickness and stress, to issues with accommodation or finances. Alongside the Executive here at LSU, and staff members across all Student Services on campus, we will work to ensure your time here is the best it can possibly be.

In addition to this, Diversity focuses on supporting and empowering diverse and underrepresented students groups; ensuring they have a voice within LSU and University settings. Whether you are an international student, an LGBT+ student or a disabled student, we are here to support you.


Welfare and Diversity has 9 associations which exist to better the lives of those in Loughborough. Those are:


International Students Network

Disability Support Network

Ethnic Minorities Network

Loughborough LGBT+ Association

Loughborough Women's Network

Heads Up

Consent and Sexual Health

Mature Undergraduate's Association

Support Services

LSU and Loughborough University has a multitude of support services available for students, both internally and externally.



Find out more about getting involved in LSU's welfare and wellbeing section, and how you can help others!


Are you overworked? stressed? Home-sick? Burned out? Lethargic? Overwhelmed?


Recent Loughborough graduate Megan Dreyer started #Me which is a mental wellbeing program that focuses predominantly on supporting students. #Me offers insight, advice and resources for how to tackle uni.




Welfare & Diversity Rep

Raquel is one of your Welfare and Diversity reps and also the National Mental Health Officer for HeadsUp. She can be easily spotted around campus - just look for a very tiny person giving out hugs.



Welfare & Diversity Rep

Simona is the second of CP’s Welfare & Diversity Reps. She is 20, from Bulgaria, and studies International Business. She is also Chair of the Creative Exchange.