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Loughborough Students' Rag is all about raising money for charity and having fun while doing it.


We raise over £1million every year for local, national and international charities and have raised £16,739,461 since 1979. Rag is home to some of the most challenging and rewarding projects you can get involved in while at Loughborough. You can climb Mount Kilimanjaro, dog sled in the Arctic, skydive and everything in between.

Hall & Internal  Events

Your Rag Reps will run fundraising events in hall throughout the year but are always wanting new ideas to raise money and you can help run these events. They will also promote Union-run events such as the Colour Dashes, Hunger Games and beer festival to name a few.

Our Fireworks Extravaganza, which raises over £30,000, and our twice annual Colour Dash are some of the highlights of student's time in Loughborough.

External Events

External Events are off-campus/international trips organised by charities or by their challenge event partners, with the exception of LSU Rag's own DARE trip. These trips are essentially opportunities for students at LSU to have 'life-changing' experiences, that they wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to take part in, with fundraising for charity being a key aspect of that.


Some of these trips are staples that LSU Rag has been running for years such as the London to Paris cycle, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the 3 Peaks Challenge. Others are newer events that were pitched and successfully taken on, such as Dash to Dubrovnik and the New York Marathon.

Rag Raids

Raids are LSU Rag's terminology for bucket collections at train stations, events or city centers around the country. Raids often include a night's stay at the location to allow our collectors to make the most of the morning rush hour. The two Raids Officers on Rag Committee, along with the Rag Chair, are dedicated to assuring Loughborough students get up and down the country to collect money for charitable causes.


In Term 1 of the current academic year, Raids raised over £68,000, including £24,000 for the Poppy Appeal in one day.



Find out more about getting involved in LSU's fundraising section, and how you can help others!




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