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Welcome to your Freshers experience! One of the biggest two weeks of your life are about to begin! We have organised two entire weeks full of activities and amazing socials to make sure you have the best Freshers weeks possible. There will be things to do both during the day and night, and these are the best opportunities to get to know the other people in the hall!

What Happens in Freshers?

What happens during Freshers?

Freshers Week is two weeks long, and every day the Committee and Fresher Helpers will be putting on amazing events for you! According to Loughborough tradition, every hall has a theme (which will be announced close to move in), and this will be used throughout Freshers!

The Committee will also issue a timetable of events, which will tell you what is going on, and where, each day and night! Events will take place every day and evening, and will be suitable and inclusive for everyone, with sober nights and events part of the schedule for those who don't drink or live in our Performance Athletes Block!

What happens when I move in?

Claudia Parsons' move in day for 2023 is Monday 25th September, which gives you a whole week before term starts to get yourself settled in, and enjoy the Freshers' experience!


Once your academic place at Loughborough is confirmed, you will be able to go online and book your arrival slot which helps our hall and warden teams make sure you can collect your keys and complete the arrival process as quickly as possible! Please arrive promtly for your slot.

If you plan to arrive by car, please be patient and follow the instructions given on arrival, these are designed to allow the University to cope with the increased volume of traffic. 

You will then need to collect your keys and Student ID from the hub and meet some of our lovely committee!

When you're ready to move in, our team will be on hand to direct you! Don't be afraid to say hello and ask for some help - it's what our team is here for!


What should you bring to Loughborough to make your Freshers the best it can be?


What do you need to buy to make your Freshers and Hall experience the best it can be?


Fresher Subs

Fees that allow you to get involved in the best of Hall Life, from Freshers onwards!


Returner Subs

Get involved with the best of Hall Life, after Freshers Week is over!



Not living in Claudia Parsons but still want to get involved? This is for you!

What do I Buy?
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