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Are you overworked? stressed? Home-sick? Burned out? Lethargic? Overwhelmed?


Recent Loughborough graduate Megan Dreyer started #Me which is a mental wellbeing program that focuses predominantly on supporting students. #Me offers insight, advice and resources for how to tackle uni, including 3 top tips that can help combat feelings of homesickness at Uni.

Getting Involved at Loughborough


Loughborough offers many opportunities and activities which are great ways to interact with new people.

Have some #Me time to Relax, Unwind or Relieve Stress


This could be just listening to music, reading, hitting the gym or watching TV. It's important to look after yourself at uni and maintain your mental health.

Talk and Open Up about How You're Feeling


Sometimes it helps to share feelings. Ask for help if you're struggling from a personal tutor, welfare reps, well-being advisors, a chaplain or contacting one of the counsellors.

Find Out More

Want to find out more information about #Me and the tips, advice and strategies to tackle homesickness and feelings of being overwhelmed?

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