Socially, there is so much to do at Claudia Parsons! We have two balls in the year (Summer and Winter) as well as a Claudia Parsons Day - a festival held in Quad in summer. Outside of these events, your Social Secretaries will also be organising trips to the student's Union, Common Room punch parties and trips to clubs in town!


The main socials in Claudia Parsons will take place in Freshers fortnight, where your Social Secretaries will have organised loads of events and nights out for you to enjoy!


Twice a year, Claudia Parsons will have a ball to celebrate the year so far! These will be dressed-up events and will be located off-campus, with travel, food and the night out all included in each ticket!

They are always a fantastic event, and not to be missed!


Throughout the year there will be nights out organised by your Social Secretaries, some at the Students' Union, some in Town! 

These are always great events to get you to know other people in CP, and almost always will start with a massive punch party in the Common Room!

Hall Subs

Make sure you pay for your hall subs before you get to Loughborough! These will allow you to attend all of our social events organised by the hall, and have the best experience possible!


Fresher Subs

Fees that allow you to get involved in the best of Hall Life, from Freshers onwards!


Returner Subs

Get involved with the best of Hall Life, after Freshers Week is over!



Not living in Claudia Parsons but still want to get involved? This is for you!




Social Sec

Dan is the first of our Social reps and studies Economics. He enjoys going out partying and meeting new people, loves putting on and advertising events which allow others to have a great time too.



Social Sec

Lucy, our second Social rep, is a Loughborough local who studies Psychology. She is responsible for planning punch parties and other events to give you the best first year.